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Large Publicly-Shared Interactive Displays

The goal of this research is to examine the use of large public-shared interactive displays and how mobile devices can enrich interaction around these displays. In shopping malls, amusement parks, airports, and other public spaces, large digital displays are replacing traditional signs as the medium of choice for communicating information to the general public. The advantage of a digital sign is that it can display generic, long-term information, similar to its non-digital counterpart (e.g. a directory or map), in addition to being augmented with information that is timelier for passers-by. For example, a map of a mall or amusement park can be augmented with information on promotions or events that are occurring nearby. Digital displays are thus able to provide information more tailored to viewers’ contexts. Their ability to process input also enables interactivity, permitting users to execute information retrieval and/or transactional operations. Together, larger interactive displays can support both multi-group interactions while preserving persistent ambient information for less-engaged passers-by.

Headshot of Jaime Ruiz wearing a Hololens

Jaime Ruiz

Associate Professor