EASEL Annotation Tool

EASEL is a simple but powerful video annotation tool built primarily for annotating motion gesture data, but is general enough to be used for labeling data from a wide range of disciplines.

Video annotation is a vital part of research examining gestural and multimodal interaction as well as computer vision, machine learning, and interface design. However, annotation is a difficult, time-consuming task that requires high cognitive effort. Existing tools for labeling and annotation still require users to manually label most of the data, limiting their helpfulness. EASEL streamlines the annotation process by introducing assisted annotation, using automatic gesture segmentation and recognition to automatically annotate gestures.

Featuring an interface similar to that commonly used in video editing tools, EASEL makes it easy to label and annotate multiple data streams, in the form of multiple tracks that each contain their own set of annotations.

EASEL: Easy Automatic Segmentation Event Labeler
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